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15mm Byzantine- 6x Painted Tagmatic Kataphractoi Heavy Cavalry

6x Painted 15mm Byzantine Tagmatic Kataphractoi Heavy Cavalry Essex miniatures for sale. They are based for  DBA genre (40mm x 30mm). These miniatures are painted to an excellent professional standard by Richard Turton.

There are only one of this particular unique painted set of miniatures stock.

Figures are  primed  undercoated and brush  matt  varnished, highlighted  and  shaded  using several  techniques; layering,  feathering, wetblending, shaded metallics etc. Uniforms are historically  researched.

If there is anything you want painting that is not for sale in our shop we can paint them as part Aftermath Miniatures Wargaming Figure professional painting service.

Item #15mm M25

Price £34.00